ADHD and Results: Get Off the Action Treadmill and Step Onto The Path of Belief

Day 19: Results


So many of my #ADHD peeps are entrepreneurs, because you know, #risktakers #alltheideas #creative.

Today is focused a little bit more on those of you that are in business for yourself.

I love Stacey Boehman’s podcast Make Money As A Life Coach. Honestly, if you’re in business and wanting to work on building your sales skills, I highly recommend listening to it. (even if you’re not a life coach)

On one episode in particular, she talks about building a Belief Plan. I decided to listen to it again and took off on a walk.

As I was walking I was inspired along the way, so I stopped and sat on a park bench and posted to IG.

Once I got home I had an email from a follow up call that had no-showed on Mon., saying she had the time wrong and called in today instead, and could we please reschedule?

I wrote out today's belief plan (from my walk). It looked like this:

*My next 3 clients are waiting.

*My only job is to be findable and show them their thoughts.

*Humans need coaching. I'm a coach.

I got back to work and received an email a few minutes later from a client who had just finished her last session in her package and is ready to re-sign upfor another. A few moments later, her payment was received.

Seriously, the 2 hours I spent this morning regrouping and working on my mindset literally shifted the course of today.

We could be tempted to look at this and ask - but what did you DO? What action did you take to re-sign this client?

Honestly, I can’t point to one action. What I can point to is the fact that I’m committed to my coaching business. I’m not going anywhere. Eventually it will be the size I imagine and I’ll be serving the exact number of people I want to be serving or more!

I was committed 8 months ago when I took the action of listing myself on the Find a Coach page of my mentors website (where she found me). I was committed when I showed up for 12 weeks and coached this client. I was committed on the weeks that I didn’t recieve a payment from anyone else. I was committed today when she sent payment and signed up for another 12 weeks.

The one action that was consistent was staying committed. Everything else was just stuff I was doing.

One minute I could have been thinking “this isn’t working. I don’t know when my next client is coming. This is so hard.”

Literally the next minute (once a payment was received") I could’ve been thinking “This is so easy. What did I even do to earn this? Making money is fun!”

Our thoughts create our results. It doesn’t happen any other way.

Results are what we have right now.

As soon as I decided to shift back and focus on my thinking, something changed. I changed. I was all in and ready to show up big again. For the future people that I know are coming, that I don’t yet know are coming.

Sound confusing? I know more clients are coming. I just don’t know specifics and that’s ok.

Picture a used car lot. There are all different models of cars just waiting to be purchased.

They know people are coming. Why? Because humans drive cars.

There are a variety of cars available. Why? Because different humans like different cars. It’s no different for you if you’re a business owner.

Work on believing on knowing that people are coming. Why? Because they need what you have to offer.

But why will they pick you? Because different people like different types of service providers.

Your only job is to be authentically you, and make it easy for your people to find you.

Why? So that when your people are ready and looking, it’s easy for them to know exactly where to go.

If you’d like coaching on how to create money with your mind. Book a consultation with me and let’s talk!