Why Having ADHD Can Make You Feel Like You’re Broken

Day 11: Broken


I've talked to a lot of people.

On consults, in coaching sessions.

The most common question that people don't ask is,

but what if I'm broken?

What if my brain's broken?

What if coaching won't help me?

What if I'm just too different?

What if I'm a unique case?

It can sound like this:

  • It hasn't worked before

  • I've tried so many things

  • I'm too unorganized, scattered, overwhelmed, scared for it to work for me

  • But you don't know my story

  • My whole family would agree with me

  • Some people can't be helped

I'm not buying any of it. I'd felt and thought many of those things myself.

We think something's wrong with us. That our brain is "broken" and doesn't work the way it should.

That our brain doesn't always cooperate and so we're left with these adhd tendencies.

We get easily distracted, feel unmotivated, are scared to fail, are nervous about what people may think, and can't decide.

We clearly can't get a new brain, so there's no hope.

We think same brain = same results. 

BUT what I know to be true is same brain, different thoughts = different results.

We think our brain is the problem, but really it's just our thoughts.

I can teach you how to manage your thoughts.

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