Thoughts: You Have The Ability To Choose What You Think

Day 16: Thoughts


Thought are sentences that we think in our minds.

They are our opinions. They are our beliefs. They are what we decide to think about the circumstances that are happening around us.

Thoughts are 100% in our control. We get to decide if we want to continue thinking something. Or if we’re beter off thinking something else.

There are times when something may be true, but not a thought that serves us.

For example, the thought “I’m never on time.” May be true (if we look at all of the times we had to be somewhere in the past month and how often we were on time or early.) If it were none, the thought “I’m never on time” is true. But is it helpful to think it?

We can choose to focus on who we want to become (in this case someone who is on time.) Thoughts like “I’m becoming someone who is on time.” “It’s ok to be early.” “If I’m early I can always take care of something else while i”m waiting.”

These may all be thoughts that serve us better.

When it comes to the Model, thoughts are the things that we think. They are within our control.