Mother May I? Stop Waiting for Permission to Go After Your Dreams


Do you remember playing the game Mother May I as a kid?

The goal was to be the first child to cross the finish line (pass mother) and win the game!

Supposedly, the goal of a good mother or father was to bring everyone forward as equally as possible. I clearly remember times when favoritism played a role, and the game was more about who you knew, not equal progression for all.

In the game, one person would be the “mother” and she’d be at the front, living large and in charge. The rest of us, “the children” would watch her closely and hope to hear our name called so that we could ask permission to move forward. She’d either grant the permission or she’d say “no you may not” and offer an alternative. If you accidentally moved while waiting your turn, you would be sent back to the starting line.

Consider some of the beliefs that may have been reinforced as a child simply by playing a game:

•there’s someone else in charge

•permission is required to move forward

•the power does not belong to you

•good people ask permission and wait

•patience is how you play the game

•winners wait their turn

•it’s best to follow the rules

•there are rules

•fairness is the goal

Some of these beliefs may be so deeply ingrained in you, you may still believe them. If so they may be holding you back. They may have helped you win as a kid, but as an adult they can be major progress blockers. 

Question everything.

Think for yourself. 

Consider this, what if...

There is no other human in charge of your life. It’s all you.

Only you can choose you. Waiting to be picked will keep you in the same place with the exact same results.

You do not need permission to be you. From anyone. Period. Ever.

You are powerful. You have the ability to think and choose and create. 

Patience is not the only way. You can question the game.

Life is not a game. This is not a practice run. Make all the mistakes you want and learn from them. Time stops for no one. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have forever to figure things out perfectly and THEN finally get started going after what you want. Get started now and figure things out as you go. 

Get sent back to start a few times, at least you’ll know what to do differently the next time.

If you wait for your turn to come it may never come. Go after what it is that you want with abandon. 

Continue the course until you get what you’re after, or something better.

When it comes to going after what you want, there are no rules. You get to make them. You get to decide.

Your dreams = your rules

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. The Creator of the Universe is waiting for you to stand up and do what you are meant to do. 

There is nobody else. 

It’s all you.

Stop waiting for permission.


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