The Imagine It! Course


Do you ever just want more out of life? To give more, to be more, to make more, to show up more.

Whether you're a mom whose high school kids have just gone off to college, a new college graduate unsure of what’s next, close to retiring and ready for something new, in the midst of a career change, or somewhere in the middle of all of that, my guess is that you’re here because you’re in a time of transition.

There are times when we can feel overwhelmed, discouraged, frustrated and confused. We may feel unclear as to what’s next. We may just feel stuck.

It’s ok.

It’s normal.

Rather than stay in a state of turmoil, we can choose to pay attention. We can choose to move ahead.

I've created the Imagine It! Course to do just that. Help you move ahead.

By joining this course, you will have taken a huge step!

We are here to:

*Dream Big*

*Feel Brave*

*Chart a Course*

*Show up*

By the end of our four weeks together, it is my hope that you will be two steps closer to doing each of these things. You will have captured a dream. Felt courageous. Identified next steps and taken the first two.

The bonus is that all of this will be done in a friendly group of like-minded women. Creative, caring, honest, passionate and hard-working people that are so much like you! It will be done in an easy to execute, weekly 3 part process. Watch a video, do the homework and participate in the live coaching call.


It’s often said, the one thing we’re assured of in life is change. Sometimes we’re ready for it and sometimes we’re not, but there are things that we can do to make the process go smoother. We can use that powerful tool of ours known as our mind to decide how we want to experience change. It can be joyful or it can be hard. It can be easy, or it can be stressful.

It’s up to us.

When it comes to your lifelong dreams and goals, which one of these would you choose?

Dreaming bigger, feeling braver, help creating a plan, or accountability and tools to take action.

What if you could accomplish all four in four weeks? Would you do it?

What if you got to do it with a group of friendly like-minded women. Creative, caring, honest, passionate and hard-working women that are so much like you!? 

Would you do it then?

What if you could do it from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule?

Would you do it then?

What if it only cost $97 - for less than a few tanks of gas, a nice meal out, or a new shirt, you can kickstart positive change and growth in your life.

Will you do it now?

What is holding you back?

Together we can accomplish so much! Are you worth it? Of course you are <3

Perspective, sometimes it’s all we need. I'd love to have you join us.


How does it work?

There is a weekly 3 part process to move through the course. You will watch a video, do the homework and participate in the live coaching call. I've detailed it a little more below. 

Each week you’ll receive access to a new class video. This is where we’ll cover the content and subject matter for the week. To get the most out of this course, I’d encourage you to watch with a spiral bound notebook nearby, and answer the questions that are presented. When we come together on our live group coaching calls, we’ll address some of the things that came up for each of you, share some of our answers and dive in a little bit deeper.

We will also incorporate the use of essential oils into this course. Why? Because I know how much they can help us with this whole process. Try it, and then decide for yourself. I've discovered how much they benefit me and want to share it with you. More on this a little further down the page.


I believe we found each other on purpose! We probably share some core beliefs. I believe that one can be both introverted and extroverted. I believe that you can have whatever you desire. I believe that it is possible to be a heart centered, successful entrepreneur, that makes lots of money, who first and foremost, genuinely cares for people. I believe that "lots of money" is relative and different for each of us. I believe in loving what you do always. I believe that honesty is important. I believe in integrity. That what you do when nobody is watching, ESPECIALLY when nobody is watching, says a lot about you and totally matters. 


Why Essential OIls?

In my experience, the more multisensory an experience is, the more impactful it is. Disney does this well. Have you been in one of their 4-D theaters that include sound, sight, smell and touch? It leaves a lasting impression on you. You feel as though what you just went through was real.

Essential oils began as a way to support my physical wellness. I would apply them topically and actually notice the way they helped my muscles feel better after a long walk or the way I would breathe easier when I diffused them into the air. What I didn't realize was just how much they would affect my emotional wellness. 


Have you ever smelled a cookie warm right out of the oven and flashed back to a time in your grandmothers kitchen? Or suddenly had a whiff of a particular flower and had it take you right back to long Summer days at your childhood cabana club?

Essential oils can have the same effect. They pass through our olfactory bulb and limbic system which is often referred to as the "seat of our emotions". They have a way of triggering feelings. An oil can support and encourage the feelings of confidence or bravery. They can help bring clarity or calmness. They can help us envision our future. Trust me. Scents are powerful triggers for our emotions. They can help us do some of that deep work. They are a bonus. My gift to you for taking this course.

Once you are registered, I will be mailing a few samples of oil to you in the mail. You're welcome :) Each week, depending on the focus of our class, I will share with you which oils can best support the work that we'll be doing. I'll show you exactly how to use them. How I use them.

*Incorporating oils is not a requirement, but is definitely a bonus. Whether or not you have them before course begins depends on how early you register. 



The Imagine It! Course will run for 4 weeks. It consists of a weekly 3 part process. Watch a video, write down answers in a notebook to questions presented in the video and then participate in a live group coaching call. Time commitment each week is a recommended minimum of 3 hours - 2 hours for the video and coursework and then 1 hour for the live coaching call. 

What's included:

(1) 30 minute Instructional Video per week to watch at your convenience

(1) 1 hour Live Group Coaching Call per week (These are offered at two different times to accommodate various schedules. You can attend on Tuesdays at 6pm pst/9pm est OR on Wednesdays at 12 Noon pst/3pm 3st) Choose the day/time that works best for you!

*Live Group Coaching Calls are recorded and you will have access to the replays.

Here is a breakdown of the weeks by topic and the dates and times of the live coaching calls:

Week 1 - Dream Big 

Week 2 - Feel Brave

Week 3 - Chart a Course

Week 4 - Show Up

Does this sound like exactly what you have been looking for? I'd love to have you join in the next session. Submit your name and email below to be added to the waitlist. By doing so, you will be notified as soon as registration has opened.


Still unsure? I've got you! Reach me at and let me know what questions you have. We can even set up a quick 15 minute chat over the phone if it's helpful.  ~Shaun