Low Lingering Brain Fog

In the world of ADHD tendencies, you experience what I refer to as Low Lingering Brain Fog.

It’s not necessarily debilitating, but over time it sure keeps you from making progress.

Tell me, does any of this sound familiar?

You’re not moving forward as quickly as you’d like to towards your goals. You have a hard time staying consistent and keeping your promises to yourself. You may have tried various programs, methods, courses, read numerous self-help books, listened to podcasts and you still struggle. You’ve tried to will yourself into trying harder and staying committed. Just as you start to get some results you hit a burn out period and let off the gas dropping back into inaction.

You’re all or nothing, either all in or all out. The problem is that this isn’t sustainable. The pace that you’re at when you’re all in is intense. You think trying harder is the answer. You are listening and learning and trying to figure things out. Searching everywhere for a solution.

You believe the solution is “out there somewhere”, meaning outside of yourself. That someone else knows better, can teach you, if only you had the right mentor and they showed interest in you. 

Are you self sabotaging on purpose? Or are you just not enough? Neither!

That’s where the problem lies. The problem is believing that you are not enough. The problem is thinking that it’s all outside of your control. The problem is thinking that you are broken.

The solution is within you. Your mind just needs a bit of managing. Every human on the planet needs to manage their minds (some of us a bit more than others) The solution is not finding the thing that will fix you, it’s the opposite. Finding you so you can fix the things. A healthy dose of mind management. Trust me it’s everything.

When you continue to take action from a place of feeling broken, from a chasing type of energy, you will never get the results that you’re looking for. You’ll just get tired from all the chasing. You will keep making decisions the same way and keep ending up in the same place. The key is learning how to adjust your inner perspective. The way you make decisions. The way you feel so that you show up as the best version of you.

The solution is to learn to take action from a place of sufficiency, clarity and confidence. 

Here’s where I can help! Mind management is my specialty. You just need a little bit of outside perspective to see the blindspots in your own thinking. The answers are in you, they can just be hard to access. 

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