Stand Up! The Water's Not That Deep.

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed and Stuck

Have you ever felt as though you were drowning in a sea of indecision? So many options, decisions, possibilities that you don't know which one to choose? 

Every decision feels as though it is a life or death decision. So permanent. What if it's the wrong decision?

Something as simple as deciding which welcome mat to purchase at Target can slow us down. There's at least 15 options, ya know? Wait, let me give myself 30 minutes to picture each one and see which one feels right.

Is there a Holiday coming up? I may want to go with a more "themed/festive" option.

Is there a trend that I've seen recently on HGTV? Hmm, better yet, maybe I should look at door wreaths or greenery and see if there as a mat and wreath that go together? 

I've been wanting to paint the front door a new color and change the hardware. Maybe I should wait and do that first?

Gaahhh!! I'm not ready to buy a mat. Maybe I need to get some more ideas from Pinterest first.

See what I mean. This is one decision in a million that we have each and every day. If the small decisions take this long, how long will the big decisions take?

Some studies have estimated that we have more than 50k thoughts per day. That's 35-50 per minute! There's hardly a pause between thoughts. Our brains bounce from one right into the next. Without ever slowing down and assessing what we are thinking and if we want to think it, life can pass us by in this blur of overwhelm and indecision. By not deciding, we let life happen to us, we don't choose what we'd like to have happen. 

No wonder we feel overwhelmed, if we're not aware of and managing those puppies, they're sure to pile on and make it so we can't think clearly.


Change your thoughts and you change your world.
— Norman Vincent Peale

Our experience in the world is completely determined by how we think about it. How we think matters. What we think matters.

How we think is how we live.

15 years ago I owned a dance studio. The building that I leased had a fairly substantial lease that I was struggling to make. About the same time, my mom had been diagnosed with cancer. My kids were also younger, and I was working long hours. I literally felt like I was drowning.

One afternoon I called my mom and I was feeling so much stress. I had too much to get done and not enough hours in the day. I told her it felt like I was bobbing up and down in the ocean with waves crashing over my head. There was no land or ship in sight. I didn't have a life vest and kept sinking. Every now and then I pop up and break the surface, just long enough to grab a gulp of air before I sunk back down. I'd wave a red flag in the air each time I surfaced, but nobody saw it. There was no relief in sight.

The reason I shared that story with you is to let you know that I get it. I've been there. I'm standing in the lighthouse and see your red flag. I've felt overwhelmed, stressed and stuck, with no way out. I remember feeling like there was no end in sight.

There is a way out. On this free webinar, I'll share with you what worked for me. I'll teach you how to take ahold of your mind and use it as your own personal life raft. It doesn't take anyone else. You don't need someone else to rescue you. You can be there for yourself.

On this call we'll focus on these four areas:

  • Signs to watch for that indicate overwhelm, stress and indecision are running your life
  • Identifying your personal coping pattern when your plate becomes too full
  • A tool that will get you back on track and living by choice not by chance
  • A pocket cheat sheet, to override default habits and choose healthier habits

I'm sending out a life raft. We can get to shore together. Won't you join me in this 1 hour online webinar, where I'll teach you how to stand up when you can't feel the bottom of the pool.

When we're feeling overwhelmed and stressed, we flail about. We make decisions based on fear. We tuck our heads down and check out. We avoid taking action because we're exhausted. We can't see a way to save ourselves. Our anxiety keeps us kicking and waving our arms around, when all we need to do is stand up. When we assess our situation, we'll see that solid ground is not that far away from us. We can get our footing.

Reflect back on the video of the little boy. He's terrified. He has no idea that he's got this. All he has to do is stand up. We can all see it, but he can't. If it can happen to him it can happen to us. My message is the same for you. Grab hold of the rope and stand up.

On this call, you'll learn a new perspective on overwhelm. 

You can set overwhelm aside. You can breathe through stress and choose to release it. You can be a decisive person. I promise. It feels better.

Will you trust me? In one hour you'll leave with a new perspective and valuable tools to help you grow. I'll teach you how to "stand up". How to get above the thoughts. Aren't you tired of feeling stressed all of the time? 

I promise, if you stand up, you'll see the water's not that deep.




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