101 benefits of coaching

101 Benefits of an ADHD Coach: Validation

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Have you ever felt like the odd one out? 

The one that just didn't fit in? 

Like maybe there was something wrong with you?

Like you were just different than the rest?

Have you ever started talking with someone that you just met and after spending just a little bit of time together, you feel like you just "got" each other?

It's as though you have shared similar paths at difference points in life. 

I hear this constantly from my coaching clients. In fact they've said one of the best parts of coaching is realizing that someone really "gets" them and has been in similar shoes.

Some people will describe it as "being able to complete anothers sentences". 

One client calls these moments that we have "twinning", meaning our matching "twin" tendencies are showing. I love that!

It can be a way of doing something, a way of being, or a way of thinking.

In coach lingo it is referred to as normalizing. 

When I describe a behavior, act or thought that is familiar to you, that you think is "not normal". 

When I then share how it's happened to me too. Or how it is very common with people that have ADHD tendencies. 

It can bring about an awareness that you are not the only one that does this.

It can trigger an aha moment, a realization, that you are in fact normal.

It is so validating to have someone speak your language and truly understand you. 

I know because I've worked with a coach myself and that's how I felt.

I've worked with clients and they've told me that's how it felt.

I'd love to work with you.

There's nothing wrong with you.