Vitamin D and ADHD-Part I

To kick off this series we're going to take a look at Vitamin D.  Let's start with some very basic facts:

  • Vitamin D is made through exposure to sunlight (UV-B radiation on the skin) and can also be acquired through our diets.

  • Vitamin D deficiency is a global problem. As much as 50%-90% of the population is Vitamin D deficient.

  • The amount of time that is now spent indoors is a contributing factor to Vitamin D deficiency.

  • Some of the latest research has found that low Vitamin D levels are linked to an increased risk of many diseases including but not limited to: multiple sclerosis, IBS, depression, heart disease, cancer, dementia, auto-immune diseases and yes, ADHD

  • If you happen to live in the Northern half of the United States (latitudes above 37 degrees North of the Equator) picture a line across the US running through SF, New Mexico and Virginia. Everything above that line it is almost impossible to make enough if any Vitamin D, except during the Summer months.

I first learned about the importance of Vitamin D from a dear friend who has made it her personal mission to spread the message on Vitamin D deficiency.  She basically said "I'm sure you are low, most everyone is.  Getting your levels up is good for your health."  Her personal story with it is truly compelling.  

She sent me link to a website and said to "check it out".  What I read was astounding! Click here to access that website and see for yourself!      

How did I not know about this? How had I gone through my entire life without having my Vitamin D level checked? My friend and I briefly talked numbers and based on our conversation and what I'd read I was hoping to have a level of 50-60 ng/mL.  A simple blood test that I requested from my Dr. showed that my level in Dec. of 2015 was 13 ng/mL. Well below my target level.  I set out to find some Vitamin D3 (it is important to make sure you take D3 as that is the form that is synthesized by the skin that we are most often lacking.)  The brand that I use is Nature Made and they can be purchased on Amazon and at Costco. 

After some research and speaking with my Dr., I used the formula of 1000 IU's per every 25 lbs of my body weight which put me at approximately 5000 IU per day.  This is well above the recommended daily amount on the bottle.  *Please discuss with and consult your physician for appropriate dosage for your needs.  

From Jan.-April I was very consistent with taking my supplements.  From May-Sept. I was outdoors a lot more as I run, kayak and hike, but I was not as regular with taking my supplements.  Fast forward to October of 2016 my D levels were retested and I was at 33 ng/mL.  Once again I am taking them everyday as it's Winter, the sun is nowhere to be seen and my levels are not yet at the 50-60 ng/mL that I am working towards. 

This project is all about improving your ADHD or Wellness Baseline.  In my opinion knowing your Vitamin D levels is a great place to start.  Take some time and do some research.  What you find may astound you.  Here are a few places to get started:

I'd love to hear what you think and if you've heard this before! Leave me a comment below.

Come back tomorrow! ~shaun

*I want to add in a small disclaimer here:  I am not a physician.  This website and blog are intended to provide general information and my personal experience with alternative therapies and healing practices. Any specific advice should be obtained from a medical practitioner or health care provider. These web pages are intended for general educational purposes only. They are not at all intended to provide medical advice.