What is a Life Coach and Why is it like Taking a Walk in the Forest?


Psst, let's get going. Something beautiful is waiting just around the corner!

That's what coaching feels like to me. The opportunity to dig in and explore the areas of our mind that we don't pay much attention to. The place where all of our hopes and dreams and hurts and habits hideout. When you work with a coach, it feels like having a guide that walks beside you as you explore your inner thinking. Always encouraging you to look a little deeper, always asking questions out of curiosity. 

Happy 2018!!

I hope this message finds you motivated and ready to move into the new year in a new and better way. Growth is the name of the game. It's the guaranteed way to ensure that you are living your best life possible.

2017 was incredible for me. I worked with some truly amazing people as a coach and enjoyed seeing the huge results and wins that came out of that!

Coaching has the ability to do so much for us. For me personally, it helped to shape who I am today. 

It's helped me to: 

  • understand and see when I was ready to leave a job that was no longer serving me

  • move through the process of helping my dad downsize from a home, 60+ years worth of stuff and onto a boat (after 6 months of living with my husband and I.)

  • deal with the anxiety that I sometimes experience being the mom of two young adults, who now get to make their own decisions (I had no idea how much I liked to be in control!)

  • believe in myself enough to land a p/t job with one of my favorite podcasters! (I love a good side hustle)

In addition, I watched as coaching transformed the lives of my clients. I witnessed people transform into braver, newer versions of themselves.

In some of their words they:

...took an hour of coaching and translated it directly into picking up a brand new client the very same day! Where I had been feeling stuck, coaching helped by allowing me to verbally process, get out of my head and ask for the sale. It reminded me of my value, which increased my confidence in that moment.
Coaching helped me to better understand what Shaun refers to as ADHD Tendencies, revealing traits that I had experienced my entire life, but never fully understood. Shaun related to me in a way that only someone who has experienced some of the very same things could. Always encouraging, never judging.
My weekly sessions were instrumental in my accomplishment of so many of my goals this past year! I surprised myself with all that I had done by year-end.

If you have been considering coaching I want to invite you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me. 

Let me ask you, What would you most like to accomplish this year? What has always been a dream of yours that you'd like to make happen? What has held you back in the past? What have you tolerated for far too long? What is missing from your life? If you could improve one area of your life what would it be?

Coaching can help. I have proof. I've seen it work. I would love to talk to you.