ADHD Problems And Potential Exist In The Same Space

Day 28: Problems and Potential


Problems and potential go hand in hand.

Without one, you can’t have the other.

Without the potential of a mountain to be climbed, there wouldn’t be the problem of how to climb it.

Problems are a beautiful thing. They indicate that you have the vision for something better. Something to be. Something that isn’t currently.

Problems mean you see potential where others see nothing.

You see opportunity for growth and improvement where others may not even be looking.

Problems and potential must coexist in the same space.

When you see a problem as an opportunity rather than as an indicator that you’re broken, you’re on the right path.

Problems are opportunities to improve. Not indicators that something’s gone wrong, or that something’s wrong with you.

Problems aren’t personal until we have thoughts about them. They just are.

Maybe a problem that you struggle with is overcommitting. You have a hard time saying no.

The facts are “I agreed to _____________.”

It only becomes a problem when you have a thought about it.

Thoughts like:

  • I can never say no.

  • I really wish they would stop asking me to help.

  • I do so much for others that I can’t get my own stuff done.

The problem is that you don’t want to agree to something and you did. There is potential there.

Potential to do differently the next time. The first step to move from problem to potential is awareness.

Awareness of why it’s a problem for you in the first place.

If you struggle with saying no, or any other area in life that you consider to be a problem, book a free consultation and let’s see how you can move into the potential of what’s possible. ~Shaun

Managing The Many Thoughts Of ADHD

Day 22: The Model


I’ve introduced you to the tool called The Model. Today let’s pull together all of the pieces of it.

It’s a tool that you can use to observe and manage the many thoughts that come along with having an adhd brain.

Here’s how that would work. Set a timer and empty everything that you’re thinking onto a piece of paper. It can be topic specific brain dump or just a general one of #allthethoughts.

Once you have all of your thoughts there laid out on a piece of paper, you’ll want to choose a few that stand out to you and run a model on each one.

I’ve gone over each part of The Model in seperate blog posts that are linked below.

Step one is all about our Circumstances. What is happening around us? The facts of the matter. Circumstances are often out of our control.

Step two of The Model are the thoughts that we think about our circumstances. One word sentences in our minds. Our opinion of things. What we think about things.

Our thoughts then create feelings in our body. Sensations or vibrations that we feel because of our thoughts. Step three is all about feeling our feelings.

How we feel drives us into action or keeps us in inaction (doing nothing). Step four focuses on the things that we do or don’t do. Our Actions.

Ultimately our actions create our results. Step five of the model is to look at the results that we’re creating and decide if they’re what we want our results to be.

You can dive deeper into the 5 components of The Model by clicking on the links above.

To summarize, here’s how they all fit together.

Circumstances are all around us. They are factual and everyone in the world would agree on them.

Thoughts are what we choose to think about a circumstance.

Thoughts cause us to feel a certain way (a one word feeling).

Feelings drive us into action or inaction.

Our actions (or lack of action) creates the results that we have in our lives.

Our result in a model will always prove our thought in that same model to be true.

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Day 14: Success


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